The Dark Knight Rises – A Reflection


Dear Readers,
I have been watching and listening to a lot of stuff on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ recently. I was one of those who went and saw it at the midnight showing on Thursday/Friday night. The next morning I went to work all excited and ready to discuss it with my coworkers. When I did get to work and brought in the newspapers, I saw the headline regarding the Colorado shooting. Like most people I was transfixed for a few minutes as I read the article. For the rest of the day anytime any of us talked about the movie we also talked about the shooting.

For the whole day for some reason I could not figure out, it felt wrong to critique or discuss the movie. By Monday something occurred to me. By not talking about the actual movie as I had planned to, I was letting the shooter win. Whatever his motivation, which really in my opinion does not matter, he was getting to me and inside my head. I let him take away something that I enjoyed and meant something to me. So I did what others around me saw as bad taste. I said f@#k that guy, I am going on with my life.

This, dear readers, is my point. Something horrific happened to a lot of innocent people just a few short weeks ago. Yes it was during ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. No, I don’t believe the movie had anything to do with why. It was just his chosen venue. I don’t think we should all stay home and wait for the DVD because we are afraid someone else is going to shoot up a theater. We cannot let fear rule our lives. I am choosing to move on with my life and continue to do my normal stuff and go to the movies like a regular person.

My heart goes out to those in Colorado that were directly affected by this. I also get those people who feel they need to be afraid and be more careful and maybe not go to the movies. But I do not agree with them. Don’t deprive yourselves of a good movie going experience because of one man half way across the country. More importantly, don’t deprive yourselves of a life. If we let fear rule us then we let the terrorists and the crazy people win. And I don’t like losing.


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