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R.A. Miller, the pen name of Robert Miller, is the author of the dark fantasy thriller, The Blood of Altlock. It is the first novel in The Altlock Saga, a trilogy of books set in the fantasy world of Altlock, the high fantasy saga that feature Borimar, a clever dwarf and his friends in search of a lost city who must fight off a vampyre scourge on their quest to revive the dragon gods.

A graduate of Full Sail University with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment, Robert uses his knowledge and his skills to create spectacular, page turning fiction. Along with novels, is expanding his repertoire to include script writing for film and television, comics, and short stories. When not crafting his original stories, Robert works as a ghostwriter and freelance editor.

In 2011, Robert founded EmeraldDragun Studios, a publishing company currently publishing titles in the fantasy, sci-fi, and horror genres. In early 2015, he cofounded the online news agency and broadcasting development company, Third Phase Media Group, specializing in media awareness.

In addition to The Altlock Saga, Robert is currently writing Rift, a science fiction tale about a small crew scouting a newly discovered planet to determine whether or not it can sustain life. When they return to Earth, they find their home planet gone. With no fuel and supplies running critically low, they must find a way to survive and figure out what happened to their home.

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